Blue Architects



Blue Architects aims at providing clients with innovative and attractive architecture that goes beyond standard solutions. Our expanding portfolio covers public architecture, private buildings and urban planning commissions. The office positions itself at the interface of architecture and urban planning: all projects share an underlying interest in the relationship between architecture and public spaces and pay close attention to materiality and construction.

Spaces of belonging

As questions of space, place and identity become increasingly prominent, Blue Architects looks at how we can affirm local identity and contribute to the development of new solutions for sustainable architecture in a global world.

Spaces of belonging Spaces of belonging

Sustainability as a way of life

Sustainability is for us a way of life and influences our work on many different aspects and scales. We think of it as an opportunity and catalysing force for positive change. Our focus lies on the improvement of the quality of life in urban, suburban and rural contexts.

Sustainability as a way of life Sustainability as a way of life

Attention to detail

Blue Architects pays close attention to materiality and methods of construction. The skilful combination of tradition and craftsmanship with modern techniques of production have helped the office to produce innovative architecture, which is contemporary yet rooted in local traditions.

Attention to detail Attention to detail

Design as process

Each design is a new process in which we carefully look at the given brief and its budget and timeline requirements. These factors are often instrumental in developing a specific design and are viewed as unique opportunities rather than constraints.

Design as process Design as process